The Audio Amateur

These are scans of an old quarterly magazine called The Audio Amateur from the late '70s back when I was in college. These were the days of late analog. There were still tubes, but people were starting to figure out how to make solid state sound good. Op Amps! Lots of people trying op amps. Digital was just around the corner, as Pulse Code Modulation (PCM) is starting to be explored. Speaker design in this era is interesting to the moden reader because this is pre-Thiele/Small parameters. So please browse around and I hope you'll be inspired to go forth and build your own audio stuff: for the pleasure of the building and the pleasure of the listening. Have fun!

By the way, these are all the issues I had from years gone by. If you have any old issues I don't have, send me the scans or loan me the issues and I can put them up as well. Drop me a note at


75 #01
A proven Transmission Line Loudspeaker
Speaker Evaluation: Ear or Machine? Part 1
A Test Bench Filter Set
Op Amps for Audio: Active Filters, Part 1
Audio Aids
Book Talk
Faith, Fidelity, and the Whatsis
Multipath Revisited
Classic Circuitry: The Audio Research SP-3A-1

75 #02
A Variable Frequency Equalizer
How to Found an Audio Group
Kit Report: Taming Ampzilla
Speaker Evaluation : Ear of Machine? Part 2
Audio Aids
Op Amps for Audio: Active Filters, Part 2

75 #04
Morrey's Super Oscillator
A Stereo Delay Line
A L.F. Garbage Filter
The Sanders Electrostatic Speaker
Audio Basics: What is PCM? Part 2
Audio Aids
Classic Circuitry: The Marantz Crossover

76 #01
Audio Mixers: Part I
A Vacuum System for Cleaning Recordings
The Sanders Electrostatic Amplifier
A Seismic Platform
Audio Aids
Kit Report: Ace ZD Preamp
Product Report: Toyo Peak Level Meter
Are Four Channels Enough
Classic Circuitry: Audio Research D-76 Amplifier
Bookshelf: IC's Galore

76 #02
The Object All Sublime
The praying Mantis
Kit Report: Heath's AA-1640 Amplifier
Audio Mixers: Part 2
Remodify Dyna's PAS Preamp
Audio Aids
Op Amps for Audio: Active Filters 3
Classic Circuitry: The Marantz Model 5 Amplifier

76 #03
A White Noise Generator and Pink Filter
A to Z Tapre recorder set-up--1
Modifying the Rabco SL8E
Audio Mixers--Part 3
Design and build a high efficiency speaker system
Kit Report:Aries 300 Synthesizer
Audio Aids
Classic Circuitry: Audio Research EC-3 Electronic crossover
Book Talk

76 #04
Operation and Uses for the 570/571 IC compander chip
Modify your Heath tube-type IM distortion analyzer
Dyna's Stereo 70: a simple modification
A-Z Tape recorder set-up--Part 2
A tall, portable microphone stand
Audio Aids by readers
Kit Report: Heath's IO-4550 Oscilloscope

77 #01
Slewing Induced Distortion in Audio Amplifiers: Part 1
The folded-and-stapled pass horn
Ambience, Blumlein, and the Super Quadpod
Experiments with the not-quite-passive radiator
Recording Studios by amateurs
Kit Reports: Heathkit's Electronics Fundamentals Course
Audio Aids
How to buy a gramophone
Classic Circuitry: Marantz Model 9 Power Amplifier
Showcase: Kermit E. Johnson's mostly TAA derived system
More Thoughts on Tape Recorder set-up

77 #02
A high efficiency electrostatic loudspeaker system: Part I
Modifying AR's Turntable for other Tonearms
Transient Response: a do-it-yourself clinic
An amateur's version of the Heil air motion transformer
Slewing Induced Distortion in Audio Amplifiers Part IIB
Audio Aids
Kit Report: Dynaco's ST400 and the "Double 400"
Super Power Amplifiers: an aural comparison

77 #03
The Speaker Saver: thumpless solid state audio
A High efficiency electrostatic speaker system: Part II
A $10 Three-Element Yagi Antenna for FM
An amateur at an AES convention
Slewing Induced Distortion: Part 3
THe Gately Micromixer: Part I
Audio Aids
Book Talk
Classic Circuitry: John Curl's JC-2

77 #04
Editorial: The Decline and Fall of FM
Audio Research Remakes Dynaco's Stereo 70
111db's Around the workshop
The Super Buff: mating hostile impedances
Slewing induced distortion in audio amplifiers Part IV: listening tests at last
The Gately Micromixer: Part 2
Kit Report: Heath's IM 5248 Indermodulation Distortion Analyzer
Audio Aids

78 #01
Pandora's Box
Modifying the PAT-5
Hospital Radio: Audio for the ailing
Improving the Dyna Mark III Power Supply
Component Interfaces: Part I
Audio Aids
Kit Report: Heath's IG-1272 Low Distortion Audio Oscillator
Classic Cirtuitry: The Marantz Model 5

78 #03
We Visit Peter Walker and Quad
The Little Big Horn
An Audio Activated Power Switch
More Facts of Life on Sound Source Localization
Noise Control in IC Op Amps for Audio
Kit Report: The Hafler DH-101
Component Interfaces: Part III
Audio Aids
Classic Circuitry: The Childs 50W Amplifier

78 #04
The Pass A-40 Power Amplifier
A Thermal Primer
A Direct reading capacitance meter
Coindicent Microphone Technique
Component Interfaces: stylii, dirt, grooves
Kit Reports: Dynaco SE-10
Audio Aids
Classic Circuitry: Fairchild's Electronic Turntable
Showcase: Russell D. Williams' craftsman's system